Dove Nest Estate

Nestled away from the urban environment, Dove Nest Estate offers chic modern amenities with rustic charm.

Our facility can accommodate an event with up to 300 guests indoors and additional space outdoors.

•   The Nest is a 7500 sq ft climate controlled                event space with roll-up doors and floor                    to ceiling glass windows

•   Two ceremonial sites from which to choose

•   Dressing rooms are available
•   One of a kind customized Silo Bar​

•   Tables, chairs, lounge areas, outdoor                          heaters and fire pits.

•  Onsite accommodations include 5 modern               cabins that sleep up to 6 in each

•  4500 sq ft outdoor pavilion area                                   complete with dance floor and live music space

•  Western saloon 

•  Outdoor and off-roading activities

•  Plenty of parking

•  Wheelchair accessible

The Nest

High steel beams, floor to ceiling glass windows, clear paneled garage doors and an extra large ceiling fan complement The Nest with natural light and a fresh breeze.

Doves Nest-213.jpg
Doves Nest-244.jpg

The Silo Bar

Located in The Nest is a 300 sq. ft full service bar with indoor/outdoor service window into cocktail area.​

Western Saloon

Adjacent to The Nest, the Saloon was built as a replica of the Dry Bean Saloon from the TV show, Lonesome Dove. This unique structure features a full bar, fireplace, and an industrial kitchen.

Doves Nest-193.jpg

Ceremonial Sites

We offer two ceremonial sites that are perfect for outdoor weddings. Both are complete with 9 x 9 ft. stages for your event. The covered pavilion has a built-in arch backdrop you can decorate with flowers.

Dressing Room

Located in The Nest, the 500 sq. ft Bridal Suite dressing room comes with a couch and chairs, a built-in vanity, a luxurious free-standing tub, and much more.

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Opening Hours

Monday - Friday



8am - 5pm

8am - 5pm

8am - 5pm

Our Location

2225 Co Rd 342, Gatesville, TX 76528